Our company

The Champion family has owned vineyards on the commune of Bergères Les Vertus for several generations. This land, located on the world-famous Côte des Blancs, is officially classified as “premier cru”.

The grapes grown are almost exclusively of the Chardonnay variety, which give the champagne its elegance and delicacy.

Patricia and Denis Champion currently manage the estate, which includes 7.2 hectares of vineyards 5.5 hectares of which are located in Bergères Les Vertus. The wines produced are made at the famous Coopérative Union Champagne.

By combining our wines with other wine makers on other “premier cru” and “grand cru” land, we are able to ensure a constant quality of undated Denis Champion and Champion-Rifflard champagnes as well as a more extensive range of wines made from blends including Pinot Noir grapes, a variety that is little grown on our own estate.